Saturday, May 9, 2009

Budgets and Cuts and Taxes, Oh My!

If your car was paid off last year, would you continue to make the monthly payments to your lender? If you comissioned an architect to design and build your house and you loved it when it was done and couldn't imagine anything that might be missing; Would you continue to pay the architect to design and build an alternate home that you already told him that you didn't want and no intention of living in? Of course not.

So please tell me why the US continues to pay $465 milllion for a jet engine that the Pentagon said two years ago that they didn't want, didn't need and had no intention of using?

Would you continue to pay your cable bill if your cable didn't work month after month? So why does our government continue to support programs that do not show results?

Looking at the proposed list of budget cuts recommended by President Obama and hearing politicians belittle the effort and the amount as being only 0.5%. BFD just because it isn't huge does not mean we should continue to pay for these things. Their dismissive comments imply that we should just give up, that they aren't worth the effort. Maybe it doesn't affect their pocketbooks enough.

I have an idea! Why don't we just divide the $17 among those who are opposed to and/or acting dismissive about it and take it out of THEIR paychecks?