Monday, July 14, 2014

Wow! What a week!

The Motor Maid convention in Kerrville was awesome.  Since we left the on Friday morning we have been to Gruene TX, Ft Stockton, again, Carlsbad Caverns, Roswell, NM and the UFO museum.  Stopped to avoid a storm in Hondo, NM where we took shelter in the workshop of William Gordon.  Now we are in Capitan, NM at the Smokey Bear Motel.

Having too much fun to blog so look for a series when I return.  Meanwhile I will be riding!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Traveling to Kerrville, TX

We left Casa Grande on the 4th of July headed to Kerrville.  I think we saw at least 6 highway patrol along the way.  Our little party of 5 kept tooling along with no unexpected stops by the law.  However we did add a new item to our check list after one person left her cell phone in a restaurant bathroom and another though she left hers behind.

Overall, we had good weather although we had some rain it wasn't awful and we did see several lovely rainbows.  We stayed in Las Cruces, NM.  Unfortunately all the restaurants within walking distance were closed for the holiday, particularly the one Clara had planned for dinner.  After some discussion we decided to call a cab and go to a place named Farley's which was recommended by the desk clerk.  The food was good and the atmosphere was interesting, I particularly liked the chrome bumpers on the bar.  The green chili stew was quite taste.  

While we waited for our ride back to the hotel we watched fireworks in the distance. By the time we returned to the hotel we were all ready for bed.

Saturday morning found us headed to Barnett's Harley Davidson where we found a few good deals on t-shirts but none of the take off parts we had hoped to find.  This shop had by far, the largest selection of bikes I have seen.  If you couldn't find the Harley you are looking for here, it probably can't be found.  Having had our fill of HD eye candy, we bid farewell to Barnett's and continued our journey to Fort Stockton.  No major events for the remainder of the day.

We checked into our hotel for the night and made plans to meet another pair of travelers for dinner at the restaurant across the street called K-Bob's.  Despite the great company, we also ran into another couple from California, the food was mediocre and the service even worse.  It took over an hour for our food to come out even though the place wasn't that busy.  Orders were wrong and incorrectly cooked.  We asked to see the manager three times before she finally visited our table, apologized for our bad experience  and adjusted our bills.  Needless to say I would not recommend that place to anyone.

Before headed to bed, we visited a while in the parking lot and made plans to meet in the morning to continue our journey to Kerrville.

Sunday morning was perfect riding weather.  Our group of 5 had become 7 and we knew that another of AZ gals was only a few miles behind us.  So while we waiting for her to catch up we took pictures at the giant road runner.  And then there were 8.

When Theresa arrived she also brought the trip theme song, Girls Just Want To Have Fun.  I imagine 6 women in motorcycle gear complete with helmets, dancing around and singing was quite the sight to behold!   At a brief stop at a picnic area, we had so much fun the first time, we did it again.  If the truckers there weren't laughing they must have been sleeping.  What fun!

Finally we got to our exit, 505 off I-10.  Trust me, you really want to avoid the gas station right off this exit.  Whoever planned this Exxon station didn't have a clue.  Between the cars wanting gas, the ones trying to get to the store, the cars trying to get up the road  and the condition of the really tiny parking lot this place are a set up for a real mess.  However we all made it through the obstacle course unscathed.

When we arrived at the Inn On The Hill, the place was teeming with Motor Maids and their guests.  More will arrive tomorrow when the official festivities will begin.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Traveling to Kerrville - Day 1

Hopefully the third time is the charm since I have written this twice already, hit save and have yet to find them.

We had a short trip yesterday which consisted of completing our packing and meeting the Pens in Casa Grande so we could all start in same place today.  Our trip was mostly uneventful with the exception of a minor traffic jam caused by a burning semi trailer.

Got to the hotel well before the dust storm which was followed by a thunderstorm.

Been tracking our Motor Maids as they all make their way to converge on Kerrville.  Have fun y'all we will see you there.

Oh and did I say it was freaking hot?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Feelings .....ooooo...oooo....Feelings....SUCK

We all have times in our lives when things don't go as we had hoped, in fact, they go so far in the opposite direction that we can't even see the hope that was once there.  Times when you just don't understand why people do the things they do. Times when you wonder if it is really you that is going crazy. Times when no matter what you do, it's wrong.

When someone else allows free will to run amok and it causes havoc in my life I have so many mixed feelings in my head and heart.  Sadness for the one running amok as well as all those who are impacted by the insanity. Frustration and helplessness at my inability to understand or help.  Frustration because I've tried to help in so many ways only to have a back turned to me.  I have to remember that I can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped.

And I worry.  I worry about everyone in the blast radius.  Anger at what is going on and my inability to prevent it.  Fear of what will happen to the ones I love.  Resentment. Helplessness. Love.   My heart aches and I feel like I have been punched in the gut.

In my head and in my heart, I know there is nothing I can do to prevent the self destructive behavior. So I turn to the things that have kept me sane and safe in the past, God, prayer, my loving spouse, my church family and some passages of the Big Book. I believe that nothing happens in God's world by mistake but I don't have to like it.  I pray and pray that salvation comes before it is too late.

Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today....