Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Planting Seeds of Love

This is a story about a not so random act of kindness, people reaching out across the miles to enlist the help of others to make one person's time on this earth more beautiful. This is a story about planting seeds of love in the hearts of strangers. This is a story about Jan Bills of Two Women and a Hoe, David Walrod and his team at Urban Dirt, and my friend Chewy (many of you also know her as Trudy, I'll try to call her that but she will always be Chewy to me). Trudy is an amazing gardener, landscaper and an avid motorcyclist.  In fact, Trudy is just plain amazing. I think it would be really difficult to determine which she likes more, her garden or her bike.

Trudy loves being outside, takes great pride in her yard and other landscaping work.  For years she has played an active roll in her local garden club, doing the club newsletter and helping everyone she can without being asked.  In her never ending  quest to find new and different ways to showcase her garden, Chewy, found a blog called Two Women and a Hoe by Jan Bills.  One thing led to another and eventually Trudy and Jan became friends.

Trudy has lots of cool things in her yard, dried grapevines, rocks of all shapes and sizes, that she has plans for using to enhance her plants.  She is always looking for new ideas.
One day not long ago, she found this picture on Jan's facebook page and knew it was the perfect idea for the block wall in her backyard.  Only, Trudy's been pretty sick lately and doesn't have the strength or energy she once had.  She can still talk a blue streak, if you know Trudy, you know what I mean.  Unfortunately these days her gardening is now puttering around her yard, doing what she can before she gets too tired.

Trudy shared with Jan her wish to create a pallet garden in her backyard, as well as her limitations due to illness.  The story touched Jan's heart and a plan began to form.  Jan began going through her contacts to find someone in the California area near Trudy's home and came up with Urban Dirt.  Jan gave David Warlrod a call, shared Trudy's story with him, then asked a huge favor - would he and his team go build a pallet garden for her friend Trudy?  David agreed even though he was 2 hours way.  After a few phone calls, details were finalized and a date was set.  The Urban Dirt team would come to Trudy's house and build a pallet garden for her.  They would also film the project as it was being built and post the finished project on their website.

On Saturday, March 4, Urban Dirt arrived ready to get to work. Not only did they build the lovely pallet garden above for Trudy but they also built gardens in the hearts of all of those who were honored to be there. It was a magical day of joy and tears.  Trudy, if you can believe it, was speechless, but only for a minute.

We shared some great food, courtesy of the ladies of the garden club. Thank you, ladies for taking the burden of feeding everyone off Chewy and Sylvia.  Many of us came together as strangers out of love for our mutual friend, we left having shared a special
bond that will be in our hearts forever.

Seeds of love have been planted in our hearts.  One day those seeds will produce flowers that will bloom and produce their own seeds to plant in new hearts.

Thank you all.

I love you Chewy.