Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well, it's been a while

I didn't realize that how long it had been since I updated my blog even though there are many times when I hear or see things and think "that's a good blog topic". So, what follows is an assortment of mini blogs on various topics.

Motor Maid Conference
OMG! What an experience! I'm really into the history of women in motorcycling so it was great to meet legends, daughters of legends and granddaughters of legends. Not to mention world class bike builder, racers, writers and even a film maker. More importantly, these women RIDE and I'm not talking around the corner. There were several women who were over 70 and still riding, one brave woman learned to ride at 70. If you ride and have never visited the Motor Maids web site, I encourage you to do so at www.motormaids.org.

Political Campaigns
I hate election seasons, not because I don't want to exercise my right to vote but for a number of other reasons. Why do politicians insist on throwing stones at each other? One ad proclaimed President Obama as the "worst president ever". Now, why is that necessary? Certainly he is entitled to his opinion, however disparaging our president in public ads is not acceptable. If you have specific issues that you disagree with, by all means, talk about those but don't generalize your statements based on the person.

My second pet peeve with elections is the signs. Signs hang out for months after the election has passed polluting the roads and sidewalks. All candidates should be required to remove their signs within a week of the election.

The Sky Is Falling
There are a number of legitimate scams, viruses, phishing, etc schemes out there. There are even more that are that are untrue, made up by some goof ball who knew someone was going to believe it. The reason these hoaxes continue to grow is because of the number of people who receive this "OMG, XYZ Company is run by communists and they are putting mood altering substances in their products" accept it as gospel and forward it on to every single person in their address book without bothering to check the validity of the claim.

Oh no! They are building a mosque at Ground Zero! Uh...no, they aren't. They are building a community center which, among other things, has a small mosque inside. Oh and it isn't at Ground Zero, it's several blocks away. Besides, one of this country's core beliefs if freedom of religion, remember that from elementary school?

And for heaven's sake, Barak Obama was born in Hawaii. Hawaii is a state. Ergo, Barak Obama is a native born United States citizen.

Before spreading the fear or bigotry, try googling the topic to see what comes up or visit www.factcheck.org for political issues.

Well, that's it for today. Look forward to more posts with multiple topics.