Friday, July 31, 2015

Traveling to Moncton.....Part 2

Leaving Danville, IL to head east.  Riding through Indiana it was a little chilly and the roads definitely leave something to be desired.  We will beat feet to make up for a wasted day yesterday.  One night spend in Macedonia, OH.  Up and off early again the next day.  Nothing terribly interesting happening on the road.

We rode the NY turnpike end to end, at one of the rest areas we stopped at there was a European lady who was so excited to see us.  Who knows why?  She had to have her picture taken with us and the bikes.  We smiled and posed for pictures with her despite our urgent need to tend to bodily functions.  Watertown was our stopping point for the night.

Traveling through the Adirondacks was beautiful.  So green and lush, especially to us desert folks.  We stopped to take a few pictures and enjoy the scenery.  That is where we found this little park with a small river running nearby.

The roads through the Adirondacks were pretty good as far as the quality.  The view from some of the mountains as we crested them was breath taking.  Sadly, I forgot my camera at home so there are no pictures on the road, only those taken while stopped.  The air was so fresh, you can smell the pine in the air.  We saw some original Adirondack chairs and other furniture.  In general, it was just a really great ride.

Our goal for the day is Warren, VT, home of our friends Audrey and Jack Mosley.  Getting to Warren was a bit of a challenge due to the conditions of the roads.  There were a number of potholes and frost heaves throughout the winding road that lead us to Warren.  Upon our arrival we were greeted with a closed road that we needed to travel.  It seems that Warren is one of the top 10 places to be on the 4th of July, as a result the town was swarming with tourist and the parade had recently ended.  A kind police officer has pity on us and told us how we could get around the block party going on so we could continue to our friends' house.

Jack & Audrey live in this darling old home with the Mad River running through their backyard.  The house has some lovely little quirks, like some very steep stairs, old fashion fixtures and uniquely shaped rooms.  Jack & Audrey have added to their and it is a sunny yellow, representative of Audrey's personality.  There is a quaint covered bridge practically right next door and the view from the back deck is beautiful and peaceful.

In Warren, our friend Audrey is affectionately known as "the bird lady" because she rescues injured birds, nurses them back to health then releases them back into the wild.  While we were there she was preparing to release a little robin she had been caring for.  It was a lovely place to have a slight break in the trip since we stopped early and left late the next day.

The following morning we bid farewell to Jack & Audrey, who thankfully gave us a better route out of Warren then the way we came in.  We were on our way to Bangor, ME.

Unfortunately while in Bangor we didn't see any fog, clowns, people with strings attached to their heads, old diners with portals to another time or Stephen King.

Next time.....join us while we cross the border and head to Moncton.

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